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Sharon O.W. Yeung

DREAMY [airy-fairy S-RT02]

DREAMY [airy-fairy S-RT02]

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Name / Code
[airy-fairy S-RT02]

Measurement (each)
art piece: D180mm
acrylic board: H230mm x W230mm

Concrete, resin

Year to create this piece

About the series - Nordlys
Nordlys is a Norwegian word, means Northerns Light.
“Nordlys” is the first series of mix media art of Sharon, material used are concrete and resin. By naming “Nordlys”, the shades of colour applied to the resin are the focus. This is created in 2019 and first shown in Maison & Objet Paris September 2019 plus different shows thereafter.

About the collection - Dreamy
“Dreamy” is the 2020 collection with violet as the theme.

When the artist was a secondary school student, she particularly liked violet colour.
What she did at that time was to paint the small items in her room to different shades of violet, say photo frames, jewellery box as it was hard to find violet items that match exactly what she liked or they were too expensive for her.

“Dreamy” collection symbolises the days she tried her very best to obtain what she exactly wanted so as to inspire people there is always something you can do for yourself for something you love.


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