Solo #1 by Sharon


location: unit 106, The Mills, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
date: June 14 - July 5 2020
time: 1pm - 7pm


People have different dreams throughout their lives.
At the same time, the obstacles we facing day-by-day are also different.

Life hardly is perfect.

Identify the obstacles and stay positive, work out the solution to achieve your dream.
Or simply just focus on the obstacles, on the obstacles, on the obstacles, obstacles, obstacles…. which turns out to be a loop that you trap yourself in?!

This is a mixed media art exhibition, Sharon uses:
Concrete represents the life of a person
Metal mesh represents the obstacles we facing each day
Resin, in different pastel colours represents dreams

Exhibits are dominated by resin, as Sharon would like her visitors to be attracted by the colourful elements - bright colours can make people feel positive.
We should always have dreams