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Shabibi Sheep Workshop

Artisanal fair-faced concrete brand in Hong Kong


concrete is not cold

if that's a concrete lamp

concrete is not rough

with technique and perfect control over the process, it can be elegant

concrete is not an uninteresting material

concrete clock, functional and artistic, this is how we turn the material into an interesting piece


can be crafted into an art piece too

Shabibi Sheep Workshop......

Surrounded by infinite number of skyscrapers in Hong Kong and amazed by the clean and simplicity of fair faced concrete designs. Concrete is a very versatile material but why in Hong Kong, concrete is only being seen in architecture?
In most of the cases, concrete is covered by other material or paint on top that makes people totally forget its existence and value.
Our creations show the authentic color and texture of concrete. Let this neglected material be the main material or even the sole material.
Through our concrete creations, we would like to inspire the general public to be more creative and to think out of the box.

Blog posts

collaboration with via

collaboration with via

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Exhibition: Trauma Traum 2020

Exhibition: Trauma Traum 2020

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Exhibition: Trauma Traum 2020

Exhibition: Trauma Traum 2020

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