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Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015, a brand from Hong Kong, focusing on fair faced concrete creations.

Our creations show the authentic color and texture of concrete.

Let this neglected material be the main material or even the sole material


Shabibi Sheep Workshop 於2015年創立,香港品牌專注清水模水泥創作。




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Shabibi Sheep Workshop......

a place for us "Sharon & Vincent" to share our designs and creations with you.

Sharon and Vincent, founders of the brand, who do not possess any degrees in design but are passionate about it. Surrounded by infinite number of skyscrapers in Hong Kong and amazed by the clean and simplicity of fair faced concrete designs. Concrete is a very flexible material but why in Hong Kong, concrete is only being seen in architect?

In most of the cases, concrete is covered by other material or paint on top that makes people totally forget its existence and value.

Our creations show the authentic color and texture of concrete. Let this neglected material be the main material or even the sole material.

Through our concrete products, we would like to inspire the general public on try not to lock the creativity up but to think out of the box.


Sharon and Vincent 品牌創辦人,雖然沒有設計方面的學位,但擁有對設計的熱誠。每天被無數水泥建築包圍,水泥可塑性高,但為何在香港,水泥只出現於建築上?




Concrete is not cold | 水泥非冰冷

if that's a concrete lamp | 溫暖的水泥燈

Concrete is not rough | 水泥非粗糙

with much technique and perfect control over the process, it can be elegant | 

Concrete is not an uninteresting material | 水泥非沉悶

concrete clock, functional and artistic, this is how we turn the material into an interesting piece | 水泥時鐘,實用的藝術品,藝術的實用品

Workshop | 工作坊

what if you want to make your own piece?! we offer a series of workshop | 如果你想製作自己的作品呢? 我們提供一系列的工作坊

Fair faced concrete | 清水模

Fair faced concrete is a concrete surface that on completion of the forming process, requires no further treatment other than curing. No painting nor patching to cover up any defects. So the technique and perfect control in mixing, pouring and curing is the key to achieve a piece of quality fair faced concrete. One need to touch and feel it in person in order to enjoy this highest level of craftsmanship.



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