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Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015 by Sharon O.W. Yeung and Vincent C.Y. Woo.
This is a Hong Kong brand which focuses on concrete creations.
Sharon and Vincent create art pieces, design the products, build the prototypes and make the molds, then they create the final piece.
Everything is done here in the workshop by the two of them.
Their creations ranges from art piece, furniture, lifestyle items, home decor and workspace accessories to jewelleries and planters. 
By retaining the authentic look and feel of concrete, their creations brings you a sense of Scandinavian minimalism.


The Name

Shabibi, is made up of two parts; Sharon & habibi. Sharon, one of the founders and she loves the culture of middle-east after having a vacation trip to Iran in year 2000. “Habibi” is Arabic/Hebrew means “my dear, my beloved”. So Vincent, the other founder, combined the two and called his beloved one Shabibi.
Sheep, actually we do not have any religious belief whilst most people would think it’s religion related. The Cantonese pronunciation of the word “Sheep” is the same as the family name of Sharon and hence the word “Sheep”.
Workshop, indicates that every piece of creation is handcrafted by the two and it’s not only a shop which sells products.


The Story

Shabibi Sheep Workshop was only a spare room in Vincent’s company at first. Sharon would go to his office after work to spend time with Vincent who is a workaholic. After some minor refurbishment and decoration in that 100 or so square feet room, Sharon drew, painted, dreamed, just whatever she felt like doing on each particular day in that room; Shabibi Sheep Workshop. A random day in mid-2015, she started making concrete because they both love the minimalism of Scandinavian design. 

Since then, Shabibi Sheep Workshop is not only a tiny private place of Sharon’s. It becomes a real brand of Sharon & Vincent’s. From design to mold making, concrete casting and sanding are all done by the two of them. One very important element of the brand is that they focus on fair faced concrete creations. Fair faced concrete is a concrete surface that on completion of the forming process, requires no further treatment other than curing. No painting or patching to cover up any defects is allowed. So the technique and perfect control in mixing, pouring and curing is the key to achieve a piece of quality fair faced concrete.

Shabibi Sheep Workshop started selling to overseas through online selling platform and after about half a year, they began to attend different local weekend markets and had consignment partners in Hong Kong and Macau. Vincent decided to devote himself to this so he closed down his own business. First, a website was created. Then, a new place was rented as the studio which was part showroom and part workshop. Near the end of 2016, Shabibi Sheep Workshop started to organize workshops and got invited to different events. Their creation style expanded from plain grey color to marble pattern by using white and grey cement. They want people to realize that artistic feel and practicality can co-exist.

Year 2017 was an important milestone for Shabibi Sheep Workshop. Shabibi Sheep Workshop was invited by the Eslite Bookstore and held a 3-month popup store (May to July) at their shop so Sharon became a full timer at Shabibi Sheep Workshop too. Then after 2 months of slightly resting, Shabibi Sheep Workshop once again held a 3-month popup store at Eslite Bookstore. Shabibi Sheep Workshop was interviewed by different TV channels, magazines and newspapers throughout the year.

And there were a few breakthroughs about their creations too. Shabibi Sheep Workshop combines dried branches with concrete and became an elegant home décor (the dried branches are from the Chinese New Year shopping so the branches are actually being upcycled). Besides, combining resin with concrete to make art pieces which is their very popular the ocean collection. Shabibi Sheep Workshop still focus on fair faced concrete even though different elements were introduced and combined. These materials are not added to the concrete mixture to alter the characteristics of concrete, hence the original and unique texture of concrete are being preserved.

Shabibi Sheep Workshop was interviewed by TV channels and magazines.

A series of larger creations were created in year 2018, such as a 70cm tall planter set which weighs 35kg and a 44cm diameter coffee table. In addition to that, Shabibi Sheep Workshop collaborated with different companies and restaurants and created trophies and decorations which suited their themes.

And instead of holding workshops at their own studio, Shabibi Sheep Workshop were invited to hold workshops at other locations as company events and Shabibi Sheep Workshop once held a large scale workshop which had 60 participants.

Other than concrete creations, Shabibi Sheep Workshop had their first interior design and brand image project. The client is a 3000 sq. ft. lifestyle boutique which prefers the Scandinavian minimalism. And Shabibi Sheep Workshop has their second project with a gallery which is going to be minimal with a hint of Japanese & Scandinavian feel.

From December 1, Shabibi Sheep Workshop has a shop at The Mills. With nearly 600-sq-feet and high ceiling, besides retail and workshop, first time ever to have a corner to hold mini-exhibitions.

Start off with the shop at The Mills. Continue with the first exhibition "shades and patterns" from December 2018 showing the authentic colors of the concrete and patterns derived. In February 2019, they have the second exhibition "make scent", it's about the concrete candles, candle holders and incense holders they created. In July, they were invited to be one of the 25 local artists took part in the 【Ree-work it! PUMP! Exhibition】, art piece at Reebok's shop. They participated several large event: Maison & Objet Paris - CRAFT Sector, Popup Asia (Taiwan) in November and DesignInspire 2019 (Hong Kong) in December.

There were 5 TV and 2 magazine interviews on the brand and 2 radio interviews and a newspaper column focused on the person, the artists.

A 3-month exhibition "art of concrete and..."at Eslite Taikoo started in February. In March they had another radio interview. 
Shop at The Mills ends on Aug 30. Before that, Sharon had her first solo in June and Vincent's first solo in August at the shop. After that, they continue to work on their art pieces in their studio.
In the last quarter, Sharon and Vincent were commissioned in two art projects.  
They have also completed an interior design project for a retail shop in September.

There was a radio interview in February.

A collaboration exhibition "Trauma Traum 2020" with a local photographer in January. 
Interviewed by Milk Magazine in April 2021.
Both of the artists Sharon Yeung and Vincent Woo had their solo exhibitions in July and August.
A commissioned art project for an exhibition by local brands from December to February 2022.

Concrete x resin lampshades and benches for Hong Kong Palace Museum - Hall 7 starting June.
VM project in summer by our artist Vincent Woo for a well-living brand, followed by a crossover workshop at their retail shop.
One of the exhibitors of "18 / TALE OF TEA" in October.

Attend the HomeInstyle 2023 organised by HKTDC in April.
"the CUBE", finalist of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards, result will be announced in April. 


To date, Sharon and Vincent still strive hard to maintain every piece of creation is handcrafted by only the two of them.


The Vision

Achieve minimalism of Scandinavian design by the raw and unique texture of concrete.
No painting or patching to cover up any defect allowed and no additives or any other substance are added to alter the characteristics of concrete.
Let this always neglected material be the main element of creations.


Meeting the founders

Sharon O.W. Yeung

Sharon is the co-founder of Shabibi Sheep Workshop.
When Sharon studied Computer Science and Mathematics and Information Security in the UK, the leisure was museum and gallery visits. After studying and moved back to Hong Kong for good, to achieve work-life balance, Sharon went for oil-painting once a week and occasionally attended short courses in art at Hong Kong Art Centre.
Her interests in concrete is inspired by the city she grows up - Hong Kong. Architecture and infrastructures are in concrete and raw material in concrete making is easily founded in Hong Kong. That’s how her journey in handcrafted concrete creations started. 
With much changes in her working environment and the interest in concrete making is getting strong, Sharon becomes a full-timer in March 2017.
For more detail, please visit Sharon's profile page [here].

Vincent C.Y. Woo

Vincent, co-founder of Shabibi Sheep Workshop, born in Hong Kong and spent seven years in Toronto, Canada. Took courses in design, drawings and paintings during his university years even though he majored and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Statistics. 
He loves to make things the old fashion way. He loves to learn but doesn't like being taught hence the unique and unusual ways of working with different materials. 
For more detail, please visit Vincent's profile page [here]