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Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015 by Sharon and Vincent. This is a Hong Kong brand which focuses on crafting fair faced concrete products. We design the products, build the prototypes and craft the molds. Then we create the final piece. Everything is done here in the workshop by the 2 of us. Our creations ranges from home decor and workspace accessories to jewelleries and planters. By retaining the authentic look and feel of concrete, our creations brings you a sense of Nordic minimalism.


Sharon (Shabibi)

Shabibi Sheep

Having a day job in a multinational company with routine work actually induces me on starting my journey to art. As a computer science graduate and fully utilize computing in my work, I believe I gotta have a balance on doing something manually so I keen on grabbing a pen and paper to do doodling than just using computer software. My focus is on oil painting. I enjoy every moment of me doing oil painting, every stroke and idea comes from the inner me though I often experience people around me showing frown when seeing my drawing with color and scale totally different from reality. Apparently I haven’t let anyone stop my creativity so I carry on with my own way.

My art journey's changed when I met WooB. He fully supports all my creativity work (or so-called crazy idea) and never question about my art work. More than that, he spared up some space in his office and had some renovation, this is how Shabibi Sheep Workshop being setup! Since then, I start exploring further in art, not only on oil-painting but art in other categories and how art can be integrated into our daily life. Here it is: CONCRETE. Hong Kong is a small city with extremely high population density that all the buildings are tall and that’s why we say we’re living in a concrete jungle. Surprise is that WooB encourages me to develop my interest in this field. Again, he shows his support by working this out with me, from doing the research on concrete to get the material at the corner shop, from mold making to product refining, he just works so hard with me. Building a website is also his idea and he turns his career to concrete.

Shabibi Sheep Workshop is more than a venue for me to do my art work and an online shop. Shabibi Sheep Workshop denotes the love and effort of a guy shows to his loved one! It's not easy to meet someone to share the same dream as you; it's much harder to have someone to work towards your dreams with you. I treasure the time spending on the Workshop.


Vincent (WooB)


Took courses in design, drawings and paintings during my university years even though I majored and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Statistics.
Favorite colors? Black and grey.
Favorite sports? Basketball and mountain biking.
More about me? Whisky (Scotch single malt), Pizza (cheese and more cheese), Cars (roadster with stick shift), Sunshine (refer to cars), Shabibi (my other half).