corporate workshop

Looking for activity for your staffs or a large group? We can customize the workshop options for your group. Our contact is here, let us know your requirements and we will make one for you.


[W Hong Kong, September 2019]
Partners of W Hong Kong - Client event in 2019. We provided workshop for their VIPs.
There was around 40 participants in a ballroom. This was a one-session event which the participants do the marble-pattern concrete casting and the curing process happened at W Hong Kong. We went to pickup the semi-finished creations and backed to our studio to work on sanding. We packed all the finished creations and returned everything to W Hong Kong for their sales teams to deliver to their VIPs.

For the whole process, we had all the creations labeled properly to ensure each participants received the piece they created. We also responsible for the logistics between the W Hong Kong and out studio to ensure every pieces are safe. 
Besides conducted the workshop for VIPs, we also made door gift for this event.



[PricewaterhouseCoopers, March 2018]
Here are the photos taken from the previous corporate workshop. There were 60 people in total which were split into two groups, one group each day at client's office meeting room.