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Vincent C.Y. Woo is a self-taught artist residing in Hong Kong.
Born and raised in Hong Kong and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Statistics in Toronto, Canada. He experienced both force-fed education in Hong Kong and the system in Canada. He realized he loves to learn but not being taught. He always questions why and why not and loves to create his own way to working. 

He loves the natural shades of concrete and started to design and craft pieces with it. His work explores the possibilities of the industrial materials and try to reveal the less-known sides of them. Concrete is so common in Hong Kong to which no one even remember its existence. So he tries to cast it with creativity to expose the elegant side of concrete. He then experimented with resin and invented a unique method of curing the material and launched the concrete x resin art collection in 2017. The three main materials he uses to create his art pieces are concrete, resin and copper pipes. 

When he is not working, he loves to read about philosophy. Philosophy basically is the home of everything. Natural, moral, metaphysical. And back to the basic-the meaning of life. He wants people to think about the world we are living in and be more aware of the surroundings with his artworks. 

instagram: vincent_cy_woo 

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