about Sharon

Sharon O.W. Yeung is a self-taught artist born in Hong Kong. 

She obtained her A-level, Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and Master of Science degree in Information Security in the UK. After studying and moved back to Hong Kong for good, she worked as business analyst in multi-national companies before becoming a full-time artist in Hong Kong in March 2017. 

She often visited museums and art galleries on her own when she studied in the UK as she claimed that this made her feel like she’s a grown up: away from family, travelled around in a city on her own, broadened her eye-sight in art and culture. When Sharon worked in Hong Kong, to achieve work-life balance, she went for oil-painting and occasionally attended short courses in art at Hong Kong Art Centre.

Her interests in concrete is inspired by the city she grows up - Hong Kong. Architecture and infrastructures are in concrete and the raw material for concrete making can be easily found in Hong Kong. That’s how her journey in handcrafted concrete creations started. 
With much changes in her working environment and the interest in concrete making getting stronger, Sharon becomes a full-timer in March 2017.

In 2020, she used concrete, resin and metal mesh to create sculptures; the way she handled those materials was different from and actually opposite to the tradition. Besides sculptures, she also works on painting and blending scents, this is to provide visual, kinaesthetic and olfactory out of the five sensory channels.

Her creations tend to surreal, expressing her fantasy world through her works, to have a break from the reality - the world full of standards and daily routines.

She believes:
- Without formal studies in art, she can be relaxed from the theory 
- Creativity is a matter of sense, not how many hours spent in sitting in a classroom to learn from textbooks
- Skill is developed based on trial and error while there is no error in art, every “error” experienced is just another skill gained

Solo Exhibition
2020 airy-fairy:dreamy (detail)
2021 airy-fairy:dreamy (detail)


as an artist
Sharon O.W. Yeung is a self-taught artist loving physical and digital illustration. From oil-painting, by using a brush, to resin art, by controlling the flow of the liquid.

role in Shabibi Sheep Workshop 
Sharon is a co-founder of Shabibi Sheep Workshop. Sharon and Vincent share the workload, however, creations specifically take-up by Sharon is candle-making.