BreakUp series


BreakUp series is a collaboration of Shabibi Sheep Workshop and slash & parallel. slash & parallel fine-tuned the scents and the BreakUp series becomes a regular collection. To shop, please visit:

There are 3 scents in BreakUp series representing the 3 stages

The concrete candle - breakup series was launched in February 2019 and that was a limited item for one month only. BreakUp series consists of 3 candles, representing 3 stages. Besides the scents of the 3 candles are different, from strong to mild, the texture of the concrete is also different, from raw to smooth, these symbolising how a person has his/her stage of mind changed after worn away by “time”.


Launching the BreakUp series during the Valentine’s day season as Feb 14th should not solely contains sweet or pink.
Valentine’s day is just one day.
However breakup is a stage that takes you an unknown period of time to get through.

To get over from a BreakUp and heal your broken heart
positive messages and encouragement from groups of supportive friends and family may make you feel exhausted

Instead, allow yourself with some me-time to mourn the loss of a relationship

Settling yourself in a quiet and dark room
Be your own companion
Lit a candle
Creating the vibe that free yourself to cry, to anger
Giving yourself a hug
The sorrow
The acquiescence
Then somehow warmth follows
Because this is the vibe of “being understood”

You are as calm as a lake
and you know you have moved on






Stage 1
Do you remember how you reacted to the breakup when you were young? Simply abandoned everything behind and did whatever you want, or just didn't do anything. The heart-breaking feeling was so deep that you feel like it's the end of the world. 

We use the Chinese word "苦" means "bitter". It's like "sorrow" to refer to Stage 1 - the darkness, the sadness.

Notes: clove, neem 
Character: bitter



Stage 2
Now you've grown up. Although you are depressed from the breakup, the reality is you still need to work, a presentation is coming up... You need to handle your household, all the utility bills... You need to meet your parents / grandparents on the weekend which is planned weeks ago and you gotta fake a smile because you do not want to go through the whole breakup detail again. You are trying to find a moment at night for me-time, sadness mixed with tiredness. 

We use the Chinese word "酸" means "sour". It's like "acquiescence" to refer to Stage 2 - life goes on even you don't want to.

Notes: aloe, bergamot 
Character: sour


Stage 3
When you become old, what you remember from the previous relationships would be the best part: LOVE, you've learnt what is LOVE, how to LOVE. Those heart-breaking and sadness will become a piece of "warm and lovely experience and history". 

We use the Chinese word "淡" means "light / mild". It's like "calm" to refer to Stage 3 - it's just part of the journey.

Notes: green tea, primrose 
Character: mild sweetness



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