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Sharon O.W. Yeung

AIRY-FAIRY "break"

AIRY-FAIRY "break"

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This is the [AIRY-FAIRY] collection.

Height 220mm
Width 190mm
Depth 340mm
Weight 2000g

YEUNG, O.W. Sharon, AIRY-FAIRY "break", 2020. concrete, resin, metal mesh.

This is a mix media art piece with:
Concrete represents the life of a person
Metal mesh represents the obstacles we facing each day
Resin, in different pastel colours represents dreams

This is a series of three art pieces named “break”
The metal mesh is bended by the presence of the resin. Symbolising the weight of dreams and the will to work hard for it is so strong that the obstacles are being knocked down one by one, gradually.


這是一系列三件的作品,這一件名為「突 」
為何實現夢想的力量和為之奮鬥的意志是如此強烈, 任何困難也可以一一衝破。

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