sakura (pink concrete)

March and April are the Sakura (or Cherry Blossom) season.
Inspired by the short blossoming time, we handmade pink concrete creations, named “Sakura”.
Let’s prolong the Sakura blossoming moment

The pink concrete creations first came out as customised items for a corporate marketing event in April 2017. I can tell how excited the people were over the comment they left on the online platform after seeing these pink concrete!

So, from May to July in 2017, when we had our first popup at The Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui, we named the pink concrete series as “Sakura” and “Sakura” creations are exclusive to our popup, I.e. 3-month time, this echoes with the Sakura: the transience of the blossoms and the exquisite beauty

During that 3-month popup, the general public have changed their perceptions on concrete: concrete is cold, rough and dull

And after popup, the “Sakura” creations are in the storage, not showing on our online platform nor displayed in our studio


Our brand idea: Our creations show the authentic color and texture of concrete. Let this neglected material be the main material or even the sole material

That is true that the “Sakura” series are not showing the authentic color of concrete hence “Sakura” series is not our regular items

However, the production is no difference with other creations say “Thunderstorm” series: we “draw” inside the mould and this is how the pattern is created, no other raw material is added to the concrete mixture during the process, nor coating to finish off. We would like to keep the authentic look of the concrete as we well as minimalism. The whole making process (pourin, unmolding, sanding) is done by us in Hong Kong. Each creation has its unique marbling pattern. We hope that our creations can bring you a touch of lifestyle at your home or workplace.