welcome to our little playground

Welcome to Shabibi Sheep Workshop.....a place for us "Sharon & Vincent" to share our designs and creations with you.

Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015 focusing on fair faced concrete creations.

Sharon and Vincent, founders of the brand, who do not possess any degrees in design but are passionate about it. Surrounded by infinite number of skyscrapers in Hong Kong and amazed by the clean and simplicity of fair faced concrete designs, we decided to design and create our own items using this simple yet unique method and material.
Fair faced concrete is a concrete surface that on completion of the forming process, requires no further treatment other than curing. No painting nor patching to cover up any defects. So the technique and perfect control in mixing, pouring and curing is the key to achieve a piece of quality fair faced concrete. One need to touch and feel it in person in order to enjoy this highest level of craftsmanship.

To many people concrete is a rough, hard, cold, uninteresting material which we usually see them as road surfaces, bridges, buildings...etc.
For us, concrete is smooth, soft, warm and interesting.

Add a touch of concrete to your lifestyle.