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Concrete home deco set - "p l a y g r o u n d"

Concrete home deco set - "p l a y g r o u n d"

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*dried flower / tealight candle excluded*

Set of tealight holder, vase and decoration in fair-faced concrete.

Inspired by the playground in the 90s which the play equipments (slide, staircase and platforms in different heights) were combined to an installation. The staircase decoration as staircase, the vase refers to the platform, then further up will be the tealight holder with smooth concave surface as slide.

Further focus on “90s”, all items are with 90-degree design. The tealight holder and vase are 1/4 circle and the staircase and each steps are in right angles.

Each items have one of its corners or edges with slot / notch act as buckles, to make these three separate items presented as one.

Home deco in fair-faced concrete, an implicit way to illustrate the childhood memory. 


[Measurement - outer size]
staircase: 9cm x 5.7cm x 6cm
vase: 4.8cm x 4.8cm x 10cm
tea light holder: 14cm x 5.5cm x 14cm

[A little note that you may wanna know]

  • This item is a fair faced concrete item.
  • Fair faced concrete is a concrete surface that on completion of the forming process, requires no further treatment other than curing. No painting nor patching to cover up any defects. So the technique and perfect control is the key to achieve a piece of quality fair faced concrete. One need to touch and feel it in person in order to enjoy this highest level of craftsmanship.
  • Tiny little bubble is expected. For those who have concern on the bubble, then we are afraid concrete may not be your choice.
  • For those creations solely in grey, since those are handcrafted and due to the characteristic of concrete, there is possibility that the grey tone may not be even.
  • To clean it, simply use a clean cloth with clear water, no cleansing material is needed. Kind reminder, cleansing material often with color that the color will leave the mark on the items.

handcrafted in Hong Kong

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