Workshop at K11

Workshop at K11

Invited by K11 to conduct two workshop - concrete jewellery and concrete tray at their "chi K11 art space” over the two weekends. 
A new group customer we met who don't really go to weekend market or workshop. 
It was extremely fun during the jewellery session where all the ladies went around the room to look for the brass parts for their own designs, they got excited of the design of each other, regardless they actually knew each other for 2 hours  (yes, we provided a lot brass parts so ladies really needed to move around to mix and match) Out of our expectation, those who were very quiet in class, those who dressed elegant etc. had quite extreme designs! 

K11 organises workshops for every quarter, you can find the info on their website and app and booklet. More than workshop, event and exhibitions can also be found. 

Art isn't something luxury. Art can be found in the community around us. 


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