Style 50's concept store

Style 50's concept store

today is the opening ceremony of Space by Style 50's, this is a concept store where you can find our home decor series there! In additional, we are going to have cross-over with Style 50's as well as workshop. 

Style 50's is a Hong Kong brand covering furniture making and interior design project and the newly open Space by Style 50's is a retail store. Besides the in-house designed furniture, Style 50's also supports Hong Kong brands and designers. 


Style 50's contact:

Style50s 展覽室-沙田
開放時間:星期一至星期六09:30 - 18:30
PHONE: +852 3590 5902


Style50s 展覽室-荔枝角
開放時間:星期一至星期日11:00 - 18:00
PHONE: +852 2634 1098

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