planter or not?!

planter or not?!

We often receive questions on "what these trays / containers are for?" 

In the very beginning, we would just say "whatever you want it to be" and apparently, people were not satisfied with this answer as this was far toooooo general! They want something to be specific. They want people to give them hint! 

So! I'm going to SHOW you what those for. Remember, a picture worth a thousand of words! 

This airplant set comes with two concrete creations: dark grey concrete tray in large rectangle with size 24.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.4cm and a light grey concrete container with diameter 9.6cm x height 2.9cm. The airplant is simply lying in the round container. We are shocked to see people glue the airplant to a wooden board or to a string. 

A very minimal presentation of air-plant x concrete. 

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