one year

last year May 15, our first weekend market, location is Victoria Park, organiser is YMCA Farm.

that's an experimental market and that's the reason we picked YMCA / Victoria Park as our first market, it's with the lowest rent among all. we would like to feel what its like to carry those concrete around. Also, we also wanna tested how in general Hong Kong people treat concrete home decor / jewellery while we live in a concrete jungle. 

that day, we did not earn enough for the rent (HK$ 200 / US$ 25)

that day, super boiling & sunshine, but felt good as my friends and colleagues came to show their support

after that market, we kept on attending different markets, from once a month, up to 3 consecutive weekends and in each market, we met different artists and market organisers who worked seriously in this leisure stuff

today, we have our popup store at the Eslite Spectrum. seems we have quite a different experience but then there's something remain unchanged:

  1. carry concrete daily from studio to the popup for restock
  2. test how in general Hong Kong people treat concrete home decor / jewellery from the retail point of view
  3. feel good to have my friends and colleagues come over to just to say Hello as support 

I can't tell and haven't planned what will our brand be in next year this time. just be conservative, I hope we can cover our popup rent! 



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