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private workshop options

Below are our pre-set private workshops. For each workshop, it requires two days with around 2 hours each. 
On Day 1, you will learn the basics of concrete mixing, pouring. After 24 to 48 hours for curing, you will then unmold your own creations and work on sanding on Day 2 so it will be all done by you from start to finish.

No worries if you and your friends wanna take different workshops at the same time, we are happy to arrange it for you! 
If you have some creative ideas in your mind, do share with us and let's work it out together! 

Class size would be 1 to 8 and take place at our shop (shop# 106, The Mills, Tsuen Wan).

Please contact us to schedule your own private workshop session if you are interested. 


以下是我們預設的工作坊。每個工作坊,它需要兩天,每天約2小時。 在第1天,您將學習混凝土攪拌,澆注的基礎知識。 經過24至48小時的固化,您將會在第2天把你的創作脫模並進行打磨,所以這一切都將由你從頭到尾完成,完完全全是您自己的作品。


工作坊人數是 1 至 8 人 , 地點為我們的店 (荃灣, 南豐紗廠, 106號店)



marbling concrete . brass . sterling silver jewellery 
necklace HK$ 620 
bracelet HK$ 600 
earrings (a pair) HK$ 490

大理石紋水泥 . 黃銅 . 純銀飾品
項鏈 HK$ 620 
手鐲 HK$ 600 
耳環 (一對) HK$ 490
marbling concrete tray (set of 2)
one small & one large tray HK$ 450

大理石紋水泥 置物碟
一小和一大 置物碟 HK$ 450
marbling concrete container with black walnut lid
HK$ 450

大理石紋水泥 置物盒 及 胡桃木蓋
HK$ 450