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private workshop options

If our scheduled sessions doesn't meet your need, you can schedule a private workshop session with us as well. Class size would be 2 to 8 (minimum 2 people).

Below are our pre-set private workshops. For each workshop, it requires two days with around 2 hours each. 
No worries if you and your friends wanna take different workshops at the same time, we are happy to arrange it for you! 
If you have some creative ideas in your mind, do share with us and let's work it out together! 

Please contact us to schedule your own private workshop session if you are interested. 

如果我們的定期工作坊不能滿足您的需要,我們可以為您安排一個私人工作坊。工作坊人數是 2 至 8 人 (最少 2 人)。




marbling concrete . brass . sterling silver jewellery 
necklace HK$ 620 
bracelet HK$ 600 
earrings (a pair) HK$ 490
雲石紋水泥 . 黃銅 . 純銀飾品 
項鏈 HK$ 620 
手鐲 HK$ 600 
耳環 (一對) HK$ 490

marbling concrete tray (set of 2)
one small & one large tray HK$ 450
雲石紋水泥 置物碟 (兩隻)
一小和一大 置物碟 HK$ 450

marbling concrete container with black walnut lid
HK$ 450
雲石紋水泥 置物盒 及 胡桃木蓋
HK$ 450