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Workshop: Marbling concrete trays

大理石紋水泥置物碟 (兩隻)

就算只有白色和灰色 也不等於單調
看似粗糙的水泥物 也能造出細緻的感覺


日期及時間:12月13日 (星期四) 7:30pm  12月16 (星期日) 2pm, 共兩堂,  每堂2小時
地點:Shabibi Sheep Workshop popup store (荃灣, 白田壩街45號, 荃灣南豐紗廠 The Mills, #106)
費用: HK$ 450 / (一大碟及一小包括兩堂教學費用、材料、工具)
報名:請 電郵 WhatsApp 95433689

小 - 圓形 直徑 10 cm x 1.3cm
小 - 六角形 11.7 cm x10 cm x 1.3 cm
大 - 圓形  直徑 13 cm x 1cm
大 - 正方形15cm x 15cm x 1.5cm

第一堂:學習 水泥攪拌、澆注的基礎知識,親手做出帶有大理石紋的水泥置物碟 (兩隻)。


Marbling concrete tray (2 pieces, 1 large & 1 small)

with only white and grey, that does not mean it is dull
concrete seems raw and rough but it can also be elegant

make your own concrete trays with unique marble-pattern which can be used as coaster, desk organiser etc. 

date & time::Dec 13 Thursday 7:30pm and Dec 16 Sunday 2pm, in total two sessions required with 2 hours each
location:Shabibi Sheep Workshop popup store (shop#106 The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Park Street, Tsuen Wan)
fee per participant: HK$ 450  (for one large tray and one small tray, including all tool and materials needed) 
number of participant:1-4px
Enrolment:please email or WhatsApp 95433689

small - round Diameter 10 cm x 1.3cm
small - hexagon 11.7 cm x10 cm x 1.3 cm
large - round Diameter is 13.5 cm x 1cm
large - square 15cm x 15cm x 1.5cm

this is a 2-session workshop:
First session:learn the basic of concrete and how to create marble pattern.
Second session:unmold and sand.