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請留意,所有工作坊均需要兩天 並且在我們的 popup store( 荃灣 白田壩街45號, The Mills 南豐紗廠 店號#106)舉行。

除了以下日期,我們也很樂意安排私人工作坊。 請直接與我們聯繫。

如有任何疑問,請通過電郵或致電 / whatsapp 95433689 與我們聯繫。


Below are the upcoming workshops.
Please note, all are 2-day workshops and take place at our popup store (shop #106, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Park Street, Tsuen Wan)

Besides the below dates, we are also happy to arrange private workshops. Please contact us directly to make reservation.

For any queries or registration, please contact us by email or call/whatsapp 95433689. 

Dec 2018

大理石紋水泥 . 黃銅 . 純銀飾品
marbling concrete . brass . sterling silver jewellery
Dec 11 Tuesday 7:30pm & Dec 14 Friday 7:30pm detail

大理石紋水泥 置物盒 及 胡桃木蓋
marbling concrete container with black walnut lid

Dec 12 Wednesday 8pm & Dec 16 Sunday 5pm detail

大理石紋水泥 置物碟 (兩隻)
marbling concrete tray (set of 2)

Dec 13 Thursday 7:30pm & Dec 16 Sunday 2pm