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Sharon O.W. Yeung

AIRY-FAIRY "achieve"

AIRY-FAIRY "achieve"

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This is the [AIRY-FAIRY] collection.

Height 135mm
Width 175mm
Depth 175mm
Weight 800g

YEUNG, O.W. Sharon, AIRY-FAIRY "achieve", 2020. concrete, resin, metal mesh.

This is a mix media art piece with:
Concrete represents the life of a person
Metal mesh represents the obstacles we facing each day
Resin, in different pastel colours represents dreams

This is a series of three art pieces named “achieve” Most of the metal mesh is shadowed by the existence of resin. Obstacles are overcome. Dreams are achieved. When a person wants it so badly, every obstacle is just a piece of stepping stone which leads you to the destination, your dream.


這是一系列三件的作品,這一件名為「成 」
環氧樹脂的存在掩蓋了大多數金屬網。 克服障礙。實現夢想。 當一個人為自己所想如此拼命,每一個障礙都只是一塊踏腳石,將您帶到目的地,就是您的夢想。

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